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A Distant Echo in a Juggernaut: Lost Voices of Tripura in CAA.

While Assam and Delhi became epicenters of CAA resistance, the resolute voices of Tripuri people got trampled on in the cacophony of mixed stands of protests. What went wrong? The ignorance of national media, dried hopes of the indigenous tribes or sick politics at play-it’s more than a matter of existence for indigenous Tripuris! The… Continue reading A Distant Echo in a Juggernaut: Lost Voices of Tripura in CAA.

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Rebellion through Art

India is seeing an innovative revival amid the anti-CAA and anti-NRC protests. This time, Art has taken the forefront in this nationwide agitation against the act, and is certainly going to leave an honorable legacy for its posterity. Art against oppression - who would have imagined that India of 2020 will wake up to its… Continue reading Rebellion through Art

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CAA 2019: Beyond the Horizon

The Divider in Chief’s team with its unabated endeavor to transform secular India into a Hindu Rashtra (read ‘Aryavarta’) has been given a brand new momentum with the enactment of Citizenship (Amendment) Act,2019 which discriminates against illegal Muslim immigrants over their rights to citizenship, while favoring the people of other religious communities namely Hindus ,Jains.… Continue reading CAA 2019: Beyond the Horizon

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Experience normalcy; visit Kashmir

It has been more than five months of lockdown in Kashmir, these days you see the showcasing of less and less protests, stone-pelting, militancy and civil disobedience in media. So, has Kashmir finally achieved a state of normalcy? What’s normal is for the most part debated all over in regards to the state of Kashmir,… Continue reading Experience normalcy; visit Kashmir

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While the final season (part 2), airing 31st January 2020, of BoJack Horseman looms upon our heads, it is about time we tear apart this beautiful animated series to see just how well it deals with many issues of our daily lives in the most fun and humorous manner – all in all with a… Continue reading BOJACK HORSEMAN – SAD OR HONEST?

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Exodus 1990: An Unsung Story of Kashmiri Pandits

30 years of a dreadful event that still frightens the sufferers and the ensuing tales are substantial to press the redemption of dues. 19th January of 1990 is a horror for thousands of Kashmiri Pandits, who await rightful affirmation. There has been a long history of atrocities faced by the Kashmiri Hindus even before the… Continue reading Exodus 1990: An Unsung Story of Kashmiri Pandits

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The Other Side: CAA & NRC in Retrospection

Every coin has two sides and so does the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and National Register of Citizens. With the utter rage created amongst the people of India due to social influence and mass protest going on in the country, the other side of CAA and NRC might be getting glossed over. Here's a retrospective… Continue reading The Other Side: CAA & NRC in Retrospection

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Khaki is the New Fear

The very 'guardians of law' took a monstrous form in Uttar Pradesh as the police maneuvered in establishing a soul stirring example of brutality by targeting the Muslim dominated areas of the state. For the past two months, India has been seemingly swallowed up in the historic fire of the biggest nationwide protests in over… Continue reading Khaki is the New Fear

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A Midnight Consultation

As another day passes with the ongoing struggle to even protest, some questions would normally arise in a half sane mind. Something on the lines of when men are given guns to protect, who do they choose to use the guns against or any weapon of so called defense for that matter? This is a… Continue reading A Midnight Consultation

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Political Apathy: Why a Necessity?

Choosing to remain deaf to the ongoing political revolutions in the country doesn't make you apolitical but in turn puts you on the side of the oppressor rather. In this modern world, where every decision that's made has a political conottation, pretending to be serene by unjust laws being passed in the country counts as… Continue reading Political Apathy: Why a Necessity?